Here is the SONUS RSS: FEED and HTTP

The SONUS RSS Feed is updated each time we upload new audio files to the site.


What is RSS ?

RSS is an XML format used by news sites and weblog publishers for syndicating their content. RSS feeds are picked up by other sites or applications called RSS aggregators. Any item in an RSS feed usually will only contain a title, a description and a link back to the original content. More info about RSS Feeds can be found here.

What is an RSS aggregator ?

RSS aggregators are services or applications which aggregate, or collect, RSS feeds, automatically. They allow you to keep up with hundreds of different news sources from all over the Internet in a single application.

RSS aggregators

For Windows, many people use the free AmphetaDesk, and for OS X, NetNewsWire is probably one of the most popular free RSS aggregator. There are many other free and commercial applications that read RSS Feeds. You can find them using any search engine.