Paul Dolden

Residence: Montréal, Canada

Paul Dolden began his career as a professional electric guitarist, violinist and cellist. Excited by the possibilities offered by recording he turned to contemporary modes of production and dissemination in the creation of his music. In a career spanning over twenty five years, he has perfected his unique approach to audio technology, using it as a platform from which to launch or capture otherwise impossible musical performances. He makes his computer behave like a new, virtual orchestra and manipulates it with as much sensitivity as he would a traditional one. His compositions are characterised by a maximalist æsthetic in which hundreds of digitally-recorded instrumental and vocal performances are combined in multiple layers. His music has been described as the “missing link” between jazz and rock and the high-brow concert tradition. Critics have called it “music for the information age, enlisting noise, complexity and beauty in its quest for excess,” and characterised it as “apocalyptic hyper-modernism.”

Date: December 31, 2003

Source: empreintes DIGITALes

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