Benjamin Duplantie Grenier [bnjmn.lloyd]

Residence: Montréal, Canada

Benjamin Duplantie Grenier is a Montréal-based electronic music producer. At a very young age, he discovered the possibility of creating music on a computer. He involved himself in cinema programmes at CEGEP, where he very often took on the role of sound designer. Continuing his studies at the Université de Montréal in digital music, he discovered the world of possibilities offered by electroacoustic music. The process that leads to the realization of an acousmatic piece fascinates and inspires him through different spheres of his production. In parallel, he is very active in the Québec hip-hop scene, where he oversees the executive production for the group Laf. Such activities give him the opportunity to present audacious productions that offer a glimpse of a new flavour growing in the musical landscape of Montréal.

Date: May 27, 2020

Source: JTTP 2020

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