Michael McCormick [Mike McCormick]

Residence: Oslo, Norway

Mike McCormick is an Oslo-based guitarist, laptop performer and composer originally from Yellowknife (Canada). Though his primary expression is through music performance, Mike’s creative output draws from a variety of disciplines, including conceptual and performance art, electroacoustic music, twentieth-century literature, and various notated and improvised music traditions. Besides performing regularly in ad hoc improvising and chamber ensembles, his active projects include the EIDOLON, an improvising algorithmic computer programme, the composers’ orchestra OJKOS, and his vivid depictions of human intimacy explored in the Proxemics project. In addition to composing for Proxemics, he maintains an active composing schedule with commissions from various chamber ensembles, often experimenting with the integration of improvised and strictly notated elements.

Date: June 21, 2019

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