Mélanie Frisoli

Residence: Montréal, Canada

Originally from northeastern France, a formerly prosperous industrial region, Mélanie Frisoli has been composing for almost twenty years. During these years, she has travelled the world performing on stage and recording albums (she has six releases on different independent labels created between 2003 and 2016). First and foremost a guitarist and author, a free electron within the “new French scene”, she has been awarded several prizes, including the SACEM prize in the Printemps de Bourges. She has also written three books of “false poetry”. Her passion for words has gradually transformed into a passion for sound and its abstractions. In Montréal since 2015 she has immersed herself in audio production techniques, enabling her to carry out various sound-based projects. Surrounded by such talented teachers as Robert Normandeau, Nicolas Bernier, etc., she has embarked on a career in acousmatic music coloured with a penchant for soundscapes, whether real or imaginary, as well as a growing interest in multiphonic diffusion.

Date: September 30, 2020

Source: JTTP 2022

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