Zachary C. Daniels

Residence: Oklahoma City, USA

Zachary C. Daniels received his BA in Music from Drury University in 2014 with an emphasis in composition and double bass. He then pursued his MM and DMA in Composition from the University of Oklahoma. His chamber and solo music explores ideas of improvisation, minimalism and experimentalism, while his electronic works tend to focus on identifiable sounds and creating soundscapes of environments ranging from garbage facilities to service bells. His music distributed by the publishing arm of Divisi Labs, a company he started for self-publishing that grew into a web development company, and he regularly works to create composition tools such as the Polyphony engine. Outside of composition, Zach’s time is spent working on projects such as the restoration and subsequent performances of Mario Davidovsky’s Synchronisms 1–6. His current focus is on the continued development and refinement of Polyphinite, a method of writing for 21st-century composers.

Date: October 9, 2021

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