Maurizio Alfonsi

Residence: Giulianova, Italy

Alfonsi Maurizio completed his academic studies at the Conservatorio di Musica “Alfredo Casella” L’Aquila in composition, piano, electronic music and new musical technologies. He also attended specialized courses in computer music, improvisation, jazz and music applied to images. He has collaborated with the Centro Ricerche Musicali (CRM) in Rome as assistant and music consultant with expertise in digital systems for the synthesis and numerical processing of sound in real time. For several years he has dedicated himself to compositional and executive activities ranging between different musical genres and soundwriting paths, constantly searching for his own musical language through the use of traditional musical instruments and electronic equipment (analogue and digital). His compositions have been performed in contemporary and experimental music events at various European festivals. Musical works by him are featured on CDs published by Domani Musica, and by the Ideasuoni and Ventunesimo Musicale labels.

Date: February 24, 2022

Source: Sonus

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