Jefferson Gómez Rodríguez

Residence: Cotacachi, Ecuador

Jefferson Gómez Rodríguez studied at the Luis Ulpiano de la Torre Institute in Cotacachi, specializing in tenor trombone and obtaining a Bachelor of Music. In 2014, thanks to a scholarship, he traveled to Guayaquil to study at UARTES and obtain his Bachelor of Musical and Sound Arts. As an instrumentalist he was part of groups of cumbia, salsa, ska, reggae, rock, folklore and in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Guayaquil. He is a founding member of the Andean Instruments Orchestra and the Brass Ensemble at the School of Sound Arts. As a composer, he collaborated on the Ecuadorian film A Son of Man and composed the music for the documentary Entre Mangles y Derivas, winner of the best Ecuadorian short film in 2020. At the same university he received a scholarship for the master’s degree in Musical Composition and Arts Sonoras, delving into electroacoustic composition.

Date: April 28, 2022

Source: JTTP 2022

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