Ashar Mumtaz

Residence: Montreal , Canada

Ashar Mumtaz is a composer born in Karachi (Pakistan) and currently based in Canada, with acoustic and electronic improvisation and experimentation at the heart of his practice. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s in Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University. “One could think of two poles when launched into that trip called Ashar Mumtaz. It’s not clear which tags the departure, and which would be the goal, but let us point at a holistic sonic exploration on one hand, and then a local sonic experimentation on the other. One is a confidant of chance. It has a feeling for the weakness of subdermal signals, a sensitivity of hearing, of receiving, of entering the dark, then of responding, amplifying. The other is more muscular, structural, it marks a passage from perplexity to audacity. It disturbs, then selects, then gives a value its direction.”
—Pawel Jankiewicz

Date: May 31, 2022

Source: JTTP 2022