Nonis Prado

Residence: Mexico, Mexico

Primarily interested in music for audiovisual media, Nonis Prado has composed the music for several short films. Her music has been presented in different forums inside and outside of Mexico. In 2015 she was selected to participate in the Film and Creation Laboratories organized by Berta Navarro. Prado was part of the interdisciplinary project El gesto along with Hayde Lachino and Rosario Romero, and she participated in MUXIC (Paris), a collaboration between UNAM and the Université de Sorbonne. In 2020 she was a recipient of the Resiliencia sonora call of the UNAM. She has been coordinator, moderator and organizer of several events in institutions such as UNAM, CENIDIM and CMMAS, and was a member of the ruling committee for the first two editions of Ecos sonorous, organized by CENART. She is part of the editorial team of Sonus Litterarum. Nonis Prado holds a master’s in composition from UNAM and is currently developing her doctoral research in composition.

Date: June 17, 2022

Source: JTTP 2022

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