Aarón Escobar-Castañeda [Atsintli]

Residence: Aguascalientes, Mexico

Researcher, composer, sound artist, programmer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist Aarón Escobar Castañeda studied composition at UNAM. His master’s degree in Music Technology at the same institution, under Hugo Solís, focused on machine learning applied to the generation and analysis of archetypal models in free improvisation. Aarón is currently completing his doctorate in Music Technology at UNAM, where he is working on the development of an automatic listening system for free improvisation (SEALI) focused on the use and questioning of technologies such as deep learning and listening of machines, in contexts of sound creation and free improvisation. His creative practice focuses on the creation of interactive systems with machine learning and listening, the re-creation and analysis of musical structures with recurrent neural networks, modular composition inspired by complex systems, audible ecosystems, sound installation, sound synthesis, programming of generative systems and the investigation of creative processes in human and more than human agents around artificial intelligence and posthumanism.

Date: July 10, 2022

Source: JTTP 2022

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