Omar Soriano López

Residence: México City, México

Multi-instrumentalist musician, beatmaker, sound artist and videographer Omar Soriano López’s current musical work focuses on improvisation and sound experimentation with electronic media. In his performances, he employs techniques from electroacoustic and electronic music, djing, hip hop and live looping, such as live sampling, sample flipping, finger drumming and granular synthesis, with his voice, synthesizers and occasionally random tuning of traditional world music or radio dramas on FM, AM or internet radio as sound sources. He takes elements from dark ambient, concrete music, hip hop and African tribal rhythms. He has participated in the Mexico Y2K Live Looping Festival (2018–22) and in the NW Loopfest 2021 and 2022 (USA) online. In March 2022, he participated in the first edition of WASI FEST by MUSEXPLAT with Inercia Distal (Omar Soriano and Pedeplei).

Date: July 10, 2022

Source: JTTP 2022