Elma Miller

Residence: Burlington, Canada

Elma Miller studied composition with Walter Buczynski, John Beckwith, Lothar Klein and John Weinzweig and electronic music and theory with Gustav Ciamaga and William Buxton. Studies in æsthetics with Geoffrey Payzant and media with Marshall McLuhan also have had a considerable influence on her thought processes. Astronomy, archeology, Buddhist meditation, language, ecology and Miller’s own ancestral heritage feature in her music and continue to be a fount of inspiration. Characterized in her works is her sense of drama, intrigue, humour and irony. Miller has been commissioned through the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, Stephen B. Roman Foundation, Laidlaw Foundation, Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects and others. Her works have been broadcast in Canada and performed world-wide. She is a member of the Canadian Music Centre, Association of Canadian Women Composers, Canadian League of Composers, SOCAN and World Federation of Acoustic Ecology.

Date: July 6, 2008

Source: eContact! 10.2