Shawn Pinchbeck

Residence: Edmonton, Canada

Shawn Pinchbeck is an Edmonton, Alberta-based electroacoustic composer, new media artist, performer, installation artist, teacher, curator and sound engineer. Pinchbeck’s performances and installations have been presented widely at numerous festivals across Canada and Europe. He collaborates extensively, creating intermedia works with artists of all backgrounds most recently focussing on music and multimedia for contemporary dance and live cinema performances. Shawn has seven CD releases and his music has appeared in numerous films, most notably in the Genie award-winning documentary The Corporation (2004). Recent awards include the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund Award (2013) and the Telus Courage to Innovate Award (2013). Pinchbeck holds a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Birmingham where he studied with Jonty Harrison. He currently teaches as a sessional lecturer at the Alberta College of Art and Design (Calgary), the Baltic Film and Media School (Estonia) and in the Art Research Lab at the University of Liepaja (Latvia).

Date: July 30, 2014

Source: TIES 2014

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Photo: Vadim Bulitko.