Gregory Whitehead

Residence: Philadelphia, USA

For close to two decades, Gregory Whitehead has been exploring — and occasionally collapsing — the boundaries between fact and fiction, creating a new kind of radio play, often staged via imaginary research entities such as the International Institute For Screamscape Studies and The Laboratory for Innovation and Acoustic Research (LIAR). While these works often venture into American schizopolitics and noir philosophy, they are always infused with the spirit of play. Many of these works are archived on the ubuweb at Awards include a Sony Gold for his play The Loneliest Road; a Prix Futura BBC Award for his performed manifesto Shake, Rattle, Roll; and a Prix Italia for the Australian screamscape documented in Pressures of the Unspeakable. Gregory is also the co-editor of Wireless Imagination: sound radio and the avant-garde, and the author of numerous essays and stories that investigate and inhabit the odd psychic and æsthetic space of radiophony.

Date: May 30, 2005

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