Anatoly Kisselev

Residence: Moscow, Russia

Anatoly Kisselev (b. Moscow) is well known today as a composer, public figure, journalist and teacher. Kisselev has got a very good professional training originally in the Moscow Choir School in the boys’choir under Alexander Sveshnikov, then in the Moscow State Concervatoire (graduated in 1970). He was mostly influenced by his teacher Alfred Shnittke. Kisselev writes symphonic, chamber-instrumental and spiritual music; cantatas, oratorios as well as electroacoustic, vocal music; music for cinema and children. In 1989 A.Kisselev together with E. Artemiev organised Russian Association for Electroacoustic Music (aeM). Kisselev is Vice president of aeM of Russia and represented aeM of Russia in General Assemblies of ICEM in Stockholm (1991), Madrid (1992), Oslo (1993) and Geneva (1994). In 1990 Kisselev founded in Moscow “Laboratory for electronic and computer music”, of which he was the Director. He is Member of Board the Union of Composers of Russia. He writing numerous articles for differentes journals and magazines in problems of electroacoustic music and makes music broadcasting’s at the Radio-Moscow. His music in various genres have been successfully performed in numerous festivals, concerts and broadcasted in different countries.

Date: May 8, 2003