Elainie Lillios

Residence: Bowling Green, USA

Elainie Lillios’ music reflects her fascination with listening, sound, space, time, immersion, and anecdote. She studied Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros and composition with Larry Austin, Jonty Harrison, Jon Christopher Nelson, Joseph Klein and Robert Fleisher. Awards include a 2013–14 Fulbright grant (Greece), First Prize in the Electroacoustic Piano International Competition, Special Mention in Prix Destellos, Prize Winner in Medea Electronique Competition, and First Prize in the Concours Internationale de Bourges. Recognition from Concurso Internacional de Música Electroacústica de São Paulo, Concorso Internazionale Russolo, Pierre Schaeffer Competition, ICMA and La Muse en Circuit. Elainie’s acousmatic music is available on the CD Entre Espaces (empreintes DIGITALes), as well as through Centaur, MSR Classics, Irritable Hedgehog, StudioPANaroma, La Muse en Circuit, New Adventures in Sound Art, SEAMUS and Leonardo Music Journal.

Date: July 30, 2014

Source: TIES 2014

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