Massimo Carlentini

Residence: Carlentini (SR), Italy

Carlentini completed his studies in piano and also completed studies in Electroacoustic music with Alessandro Cipriani. He has studied composition and he has attended several masterclasses with Morricone, Stockhausen, Truax, etc. Carlentini’s music has been performed at various festivals (Corpi del Suono, L’Aquila), at various musical events, in collaboration with the University, the “V. Bellini” Istituto Musicale and Theatre Massimo (Catania), Musica Verticale (Roma), Paz Para Viequez (Puerto Rico), Universidad de Chile (Santiago), ICMC 2001 (L’Avana), Maxis Festival/Symposium (Sheffield UK), 32e Festival Synthèse (Bourges), Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Ninth Biennal Symposium on Arts and Technology (New London CT). Furthermore, he has collaborated as a composer with video makers resulting in the production of two videos, projected at Suonimmagine (Catania) and Senza parole immagine e musica (Parma). Carlentini won second prize at the 22nd International Luigi Russolo Competition (Varese,), Honorary Mention in Musica Nova 2001 (Prague) and finalist at the 29° Councours International de Musique et d’Art Sonore Electroacoustiques 2002 (Bourges).

Date: March 28, 2003