James Bentley

James Bentley studied composition with James Dillon, Mike Vaughan, Jonty Harrison and Erik Oña. He has received recognition in the form of radio broadcasts (BBC Radio 3, Chicago Radio, Deutschland-Radio Berlin), CD appearances (Sargasso Records, PeP) and concert performances (BEAST, SAN, SPNM, EuCuE, CIMESP, Musiques et Recherches). He was a member of BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) for 10 years, performing extensively on their multi-channel surround sound system and later winning first prize in the Sound-Spatialisation competition at the L’espace du son festival (Brussels, 2000). Furthermore, he composed the large-scale Cycle of Noise project (1995–2004), formed the live-electronic improvisation duo Asbestos (2002–04), collaborated with the artist Pierre Huyghe (2000) and developed performance tools for surround-sound DJing (2002–04). Following the completion of his PhD in 2005 from The University of Birmingham, James is concentrating his energies on more commercially orientated and clubland-related projects with a focus on production and surround-sound DJing.

Date: March 28, 2003


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