James Bentley

Residence: Girton-Newark, UK

James Bentley studied composition with James Dillon, Mike Vaughan, Jonty Harrison and Erik Oña. He has received recognition in the form of radio broadcasts (BBC Radio 3, Chicago Radio, Deutschland-Radio Berlin), CD appearances (Sargasso Records, PeP) and concert performances (BEAST, SAN, SPNM, EuCuE, CIMESP, Musiques et Recherches). He was a member of BEAST (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre) for 10 years, performing extensively on their multi-channel surround sound system and later winning first prize in the Sound-Spatialisation competition at the L’espace du son festival (Brussels, 2000). Furthermore, he composed the large-scale Cycle of Noise project (1995–2004), formed the live-electronic improvisation duo Asbestos (2002–04), collaborated with the artist Pierre Huyghe (2000) and developed performance tools for surround-sound DJing (2002–04). Following the completion of his PhD in 2005 from The University of Birmingham, James is concentrating his energies on more commercially orientated and clubland-related projects with a focus on production and surround-sound DJing.

Date: March 28, 2003