David Neil Campbell

Residence: Renfrew, Canada

David Campbell is a Canadian composer who writes music for stage, television and film. Born in 1959 he started his professional life in 1977 when he moved to Vancouver and played bass and guitar in various local punk bands, as well as numerous free-jazz ensemble performances featuring alto saxist Maury Coles. In 1985 he attended Humber College where he studied arranging, orchestration and composition with Ron Collier and Paul Read. Although his program ended three years later, David stayed on an extra two years to study in-depth orchestration with Collier. Since then he has written dozens of concert pieces that have been performed across North America, but the main thrust of his work until 2003, was writing to picture for televsion and film. Through-out that period he also had a succesful career as a studio guitarist and bassist and performing sideman. Since 2003 he has concentrated the bulk of his efforts writing electroacoustic music.

Date: September 24, 2008

Source: 60x60 2008—Canada