Craig Sheppard

Residence: Halifax, Canada

Craig Sheppard was born December 7th, 1976 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is presently finishing a BA with major in Music at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, after trying various degrees (including BSC in Physics, Computer Science, and BMus in Composition). His interests include ElectroAcoustic Composition and sound manipulation in an artistic environment, as well as how they relate to recording practices. A trumpet player among other things, Craig enjoyed some success with a project that ended up earning him a Juno award in 1999 (Best New Group, 1998). Since then, the band members have become involved in more personal projects, and Craig has returned to his studies, as well as continuing an earlier interest in ElectroAcoustic composition and recording techniques.In all his work- be it recording, composing, or playing, Craig strives for depth, complexity, and precision, while maintaining an overall sonically interesting and organic structure. He is concerned with clear and accurate expression of ideas and themes, whether concrete or abstract. Craig’s workstation of choice is a Macintosh running Digital Performer.

Date: March 28, 2003