David Duchow

Residence: Montréal, Canada

David Duchow is a photographer/visual/multi-media artist, who composed his first electro-acoustic music in the late 1970s, using EMS synthesizers. Since 2005 he has been using an Apple computer, with Soundtrack Pro and a databank of Apple loops to create sound. One of the appealing features of the layering technique explored is that music of different cultures can be combined within the same piece — and sometimes sound like something entirely different once all cylinders are firing. Live recordings have been introduced into some of the pieces (of birds, frogs, machines etc). In the future, he intends to create his own instrumental loops — and broaden the research with further live recordings. His visual work, which in recent years has focused on Rorschach-like imagery, compliments his musical approach in video/DVD works such as “Untitled (June 14/06)”, wherein still imagery is made to “move” with the music, using the “Ken Burns effect”. His visuals also have become the centrepiece for background “motion stills” in concert by the Australian “art-rock” band, The Church, who premiered this multi-media show at the Sydney Opera House in July of 2004 — and currently do revised versions of it in concerts round the world.

Date: August 30, 2006