Andrián Pertout

Residence: Richmond East, Australia

As a composer, Andrián Pertout’s curiosity for the “novel” has always led him on a path of discovery; seeking the unusual and the unconventional in order to nurture not only his artistic practice but also his growth as an individual. In 2007, Andrián completed a PhD degree at the University of Melbourne. Composition awards include the Friends & Enemies of New Music Composition Prize and Louisville Orchestra Prize (USA). He is currently the Vice-President of the Melbourne Composers’ League, Australian Delegate of the Asian Composers’ League and International Coordinator of the PUENTE Festival Interoceánico (Chile). His music has been performed in more than fifty countries by orchestras that include the Melbourne and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, Louisville Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Orquestra Petrobrás Sinfônica, and the National Symphony Orchestras of Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and Chile, as well as the Logos Foundation Robot Orchestra and University of Hong Kong Gamelan Orchestra.

Date: April 28, 2021

Source: Sonus

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