Manfred Stahnke

Residence: Hamburg, Germany

In 1966 Manfred Stahnke began his studies in piano, composition / music theory, from 1970–74 he studied musicology in Freiburg, and then composition / music theory and musicology in Hamburg. In 1979–80 he studied microtonality and computer music in the US (Urbana IL and Stanford) with, among others, Ben Johnston and John Chowning. In 1979 he earned his doctorate in Hamburg with Constantin Floros; the subject of his thesis was Pierre Boulez’ Third Piano Sonata. Stahnke studied composition in Freiburg in 1970–73 with Wolfgang Fortner, and in 1973–74 with Klaus Huber. As of 1974 his principal professor was György Ligeti. Stahnke’s works have a strong basis in microtonality. He uses synthesizers to produce a special “meloharmonicity”. He has received several prizes and awards and has written numerous essays about microtonal questions. He has been an international lecturer, among other places, in Montréal (Canada) in 2009.

Date: April 10, 2011

Source: eContact! 13.2