Guto Caminhoto

Residence: Brazil

Composer and guitar player, Guto Caminhoto was born in Londrina (Brazil) in 1967. First musical studies in 1983, Londrina, (classic guitar) at Carlos Gomes Conservatory. Later (1986), in São Paulo (Brazil), he studied classical guitar and composition at Faculdade de Artes Alcantra Machado, but returned to Londrina (1991) before concluding the c(o)urse. In 1995 he studied electroacoustic music with composer Flo Menezes, at the Studio PanAroma, São Paulo.

He was finalist (but did not won) of the competitions: — Creative Music, during XI the Londrina’s Music Festival, 1992, with the study “Variations” (for sinthesizer and MIDI sequencer); — II Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Elettronica Pierre Schaeffer 1999, with “Paisagens Londrinenses 1”.

His composition “Momento Angular” was recorded on the CD Música Eletroacústica Brasileira (RioArte Digital, RD003MEB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1995), and “Paisagens Londrinenses 1” was recorded on the CD ROM Sound Box 2.0 (KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland).

- discography CD Música Eletroacústica Brasileira (RioArte Digital RD003MEB) with the composition Momento Angular.

Date: March 28, 2003