Michael F. North

Residence: Canada

Michael North has been involved in performing and producing music since 1969. As a drummer/percussionist he has been involved in projects ranging from concert and swing bands to free jazz , noise and hardcore punk groups. North began experimenting with homemade percussion instruments, circuit mangling and tape manipulation in the mid 1970’s after listening to the works of John Cage, Edgar Varese and Captain Beefheart. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s he played with a number of ‘art’ and punk groups, most notably the Animal Slaves out of Vancouver and Direct Action from Toronto. He retired from active participation in the music scene in 1990 to concentrate on raising a family. During this time off he acquired a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and later began working in the telecommunications industry around Ottawa. In 2003 he began working with digital manipulation of live audio after hearing the work of the Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble. In 2003 he recorded the ‘Ottawa Proccessed’ series with the help of a Canada Council for the Arts grant. In September 2004 he participated in the RE-INVENTING RADIO production by Kunstradio for the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz Austria. On January 7th 2005 he did a live streaming concert for the NOISE CITY production through the Western Front Artist Coop in Vancouver BC and later in the month participated in a live streaming jam session for the Art’s Birthday celebration, also through the Western Front. He has a release on the Phoniq netlabel out of Montreal (Improvisations on Work PHQ 006) and an upcoming release on the Sine Fiction netlabel (A Journey in Other Worlds Sine 016).

Date: May 9, 2004