Ines Kargel

Residence: Linz, Austria

Born in Linz, Austria/Europe. Ballet training at the Bruckner Conservatory, Linz; learned piano, guitar and saxophone; studied acting at the Music College of Graz (diploma 1990); studied composition and saxophone at the Bruckner Conservatory, Linz (diploma 1996); training course for computer music and electronic media at the Music College of Vienna and at the Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology, Linz. Compositional work in the field of interdisciplinary multimedia with a particular reference to space as a determining parameter of the work: sound installations, music for film and theater, performances; performances and tours as jazz and rock saxophonist at home and abroad; has performed in and directed theater productions, readings, show productions and moderation. Talent promotion award from the Province of Upper Austria for music (1996). Guest lectures about Austrian Elektroacoustic Music at the Sichuan Conservatory, Chengdu / China (1998). Member of GEM (Austrian Society for Elektroacoustic Music), IGNM (International Society for New Music) and ICMA (International Computer Music Association).

Date: March 28, 2003