Alexis Perepelycia

Residence: Belfast, Ireland

Born in San Nicolás, Bs.As., Argentina, Alexis Perepelycia received his Bachelor Degree in Music (UNR) in 2004. He has studied with Carmelo Saitta (æsthetics), Dante Grela (Composition), Gabriel Data (Harmony), Francisco Colasanto (Max/Msp) and Pedro Rebelo (Electroacoustic Composition). His music has been premiered at major festivals in Argentina, France, USA and Northern Ireland. In 2002, he founded ‘hiss…’ a live-electronics duo and is also a founder of the arts collective ‘knob,’ which combined different artistic expressions like dance, acting, video and music with new technologies. He is currently doing a Masters in Sonic Arts at SARC in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Date: May 30, 2005