Pierre Redon

Residence: France

From 1995 to 1999, after an active involvement in some Rock music and Improvised music groups, I study guitar and composition at the CEMMI (Centre of Exchanges about Modern Music and Improvised Music in Limoges). Then, I am specializing in contemporary music and “cross musics”. Many collaborations and meetings lead me to the electronical and experimental scene. I work on projects inspired by the director and scenarist Jodorowsky, the poet and artist Raoul Hausmann, the writer W.S. Burroughs and by many others. In 1999, Thomas Périn, Pierre Lasternas, Marc Guillerot, Jean Lafitte and I create the collective of artists L’Oreille Electronique, whereas I am studying in a DEUST Métiers de la Culture (a degree related to the managment of cultural structures) at the University of Limoges. Since then, the Oreille Electronique has been developped; jobs have been created; the structure is producing events, exhibitions and artists’works, etc. I am getting involved in some artistical projects led by the collective; so I work with videomakers, visual artists, dancers, etc. and on some interdisciplinary creations. As I am strongly attracted to sound installations and the concept of sonorous space, I developpe works about the spacialisation of sounds, which I first use in a solo. In 2003, I enlarge my skills in musical computing (editing, mixing, …) at the G.M.E.M. (National centre of musical creation) with Laurent Pottier and Jérôme Decque. I integrate these tools in my creative work immediately after which provides me to present projects. I am now involved in several national and international artistical projects with sculptor Jean-Pierre Valette, koto player Etsuko Chida, sound sculptor toy.bizarre and performer Marc Guillerot. Recently, I started developping an audio and photographical documentary work.

Date: January 11, 2005