Émilie Payeur

Residence: Montréal, Canada

Electroacoustic composer, visual artist, electric guitarist and sound designer Émilie Payeur presents works steeped in the influence of the abstract movements of the 20th century, psychedelic art of the 60s, experimental cinema and good old-fashioned surrealism. Her research focuses on understanding and adapting her painting processes to her work as musical composer. Her compositions have been performed throughout the US, Canada and the world, in festivals and other musical events, notably in San Francisco, Oregon, California, Texas, Kentucky, Nashville and Transylvania, Paris, Brest, Lisbon, Toronto and Montreal. In 2009 she was a Laureate of the prestigious Bourges competition and won 3rd prize in the SOCAN competition for young composers, in the Hugh Le Caine category. In 2010, she received first place in the University of Louisville Young Composer Competition for New Electro-Acoustic, and was among the laureates of that year’s JTTP competition of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. In 2011, she won 2nd prize in the SOCAN competition, Hugh Le Caine category.

Date: December 20, 2014

Source: eContact! 16.3

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