Simon Rodgers [simonlyn]

Residence: North Vancouver, Canada

In 2008 I relocated to Vancouver from the UK and developed a solo performance practice that embraces acoustic and electronic sounds. Focussed on creating emotive, enigmatic and visceral musical encounters my approach invites unusual performance spaces, self-contained concerts and oblique collaborations. I studied violin at the Royal Welsh College of Music with Barry Haskey, a student of Henryk Szeryng, performing across the UK and Europe with a number of symphony and chamber ensembles. Following this I composed music for theater and contemporary dance, developing techniques for(;;;)artist-led(;;;)live scoring. This theme extended into the application of electronics and self-organizing software systems to group improvisation with new music ensembles Zillo, Vrajabumi and Syama. I’m looking forward to evolving my new performance practice, playing in galleries and enjoying the collaboration of artists who share my appetite for the unforeseen.