Gregory Büttner

Residence: Hamburg, Germany

With my development of the computer as a working tool in 1999 I began to work with audio information besides the visual ones. The computer provides the possibility to cut up noises, sounds and music, to analyse them and work with these fragments. I am especially interested in the conditions, under which they come into being, in which context they exist and what kind of effect they have got on the audience. My work begins with finding, searching or producing of acoustic material. By experimenting with the material I get various fragments, which are later combined in a composition. The composition is created in interaction with the structure of the noises and sounds. Interaction is meant as an adaptation of the composition to the structure (dynamics, timbre, pitch, tune) of the sounds and noises or the other way round the sounds are changed for compositional reasons. In my visual work I use the same method. Mostly I work with found pictures or find them with my camera. - 1972, living and working in Hamburg, Germany - 1997-2004 communication design studies at the university for applied sciences, Hamburg. - 2000-2004 specialization in audiovisual work: sound, video, photography. - 2004 launch of the label 1000füssler which releases experimental music. co-founder of the musician-organisation verband für aktuelle musik Hamburg, - 2005-06 co-organizer of a series of movie events around the topic: „sound and picture“. videoscreenings at: 2:13 festival [athen], metropolis, b-movie, infernale, s.k.a.m. kurzfilmfunk. - 2006 +2007 Participation at the project “Reise ins 21 Jahrhundert”, Composers in the Schools! - 2008 „Walze 1“ is selected for the sonorous art section of the Madrid Abierto festival for publicart and artistical-interventions. - 2008 Exibition „kleine Versammlung mit Geistern + 1 Hund“ (1-11. May at Walk of Fame). Fotographic appropriation artproject together with artist Stefanie Becker. - 2008 Duo with Birgit Ulher (Trumpet) Discography: walze 1-8, cd / fireworks edition records nil_audio, 3”cd-r / AIC 23 ZOOMS, dvd-r + cd-r / 1000füssler every, 3”cd-r / 1000füssler 3”/1, 3”cd-r / 1000füssler heiz, track on the cd „heizung raum 318“ with S. Funck, A. Tietchens, N. Stephan / 1000füssler domichel, contribution to the compilation “Der Michel und der Dom”, CD / Grünrekorder tischbrunnen, contribution to the compilation “Verfassung”, LP / Hamburger Hörbar e.V. saturday night, mp3 / alugeige, mp3-single / soon: 3 harp treatments, cd / collaboration with Rhodri Davies


Photo: Alexandra Griess.