Laura Ritzmann de Oliveira Mello [Laura Mello]

Residence: Berlin, Germany

Studied composition, aesthetics and social communication (publicity) in Brazil. Subsequently studied electroacoustic music in Vienna. 2005 won the sponsorship award Theodor Körner Preis for the project On the phone. 2008 was an artist in residence at PACT – Zollverein (Essen, Germany), together with Julia Jadkowski and Marcel Schwald for the project Joseph_ine. Lives in Berlin where she works as a composer for instrumental and electro-acoustic music, performer and Djane. Her work gravitates within the fields of music, theater, music theater, video and multimedia performance. She is also a PhD Student on “Intermedia composing” at the Technische Universität Berlin. 2007 founded the collective KosmetiKRadio, for collaborations in multimedia projects. Organizes concerts and workshops (Metaphernwerkstatt), together with former Studiobühne Ritterstrasse ( Is an active member of Klangnetz Association ( in Berlin and VELAK ( in Vienna.