Madjid Tahriri

Residence: Essen, Germany

Madjid Tahriri (b. Tehran) is an iranian composer. In early years he took piano, music theory and composition lessons. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree of Arts (Piano, Musicology) from the Azad University,Tehran in 2004 and was pianist in the iranian „Melal- Orchestra“. Since 2006 he is studying instrumental and electronic composition at the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen (Germany) with Dirk Reith, Günter Steinke and Thomas Neuhaus. Tahriri’s music is performed at international Festivals, such as Fadjr Musik Festival (Tehran, 2002), Festival Musica Acoustica (Peking, 2008), Festival Champs Libres (Straßbourg, France, 2008), JSEM/MSJ Electroacoustic Festival (Nagoya, Japan, 2009). In 2009 he was selected for the interdisciplinary competition and workshop “operare 09” in Berlin (Germany). In the same year Madjid Tahriri obtained the Folkwang Prize in the category composition. His compositions have been published by Hermes Verlag (Trio-1, 2007) and on several recordings. Madjid Tahriri is one of the founders of the Iranian Society of Contemporary Composers (ISCC), whose aim is to raise the acceptance of contemporary music in Iran through concerts, articles and lectures.