Oliver Peters

Residence: Berlin, Germany

Oliver Peters lives and works in Berlin. Since the early 1990s he has worked with electronic music and since 2002 he performed as EVAPORI. His compositions are mostly based on concrete sound sources: field recordings, transformation of found footage and the use of self-made sound objects or classical instruments such as piano or cello. Together with Nicolas Wiese [-Hyph-| Peters founded the Label AIC. Since 2006 he has, amongst other projects, set music to the scientific film E 2250, which was shown at short film festivals in Hamburg and the Darmstadt Institute of New Music and Musical Education within the scope of Modern Music in the Context of Technology. In 2008, he contributed a composition to Satoshi Morita’s sound helmet. Recently his current release Rehearsals for Objects was broadcast on Deutschlandradio Kultur in the category Newcomer Werkstatt, a programme that introduces emerging sound artists.

Date: September 18, 2009

Source: JTTP 2009

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