Thomas Speakman

Residence: Vancouver, Canada

Thomas Speakman is an independent musician, composer, and producer. He began his journey in music at age 12, learning to play guitar. He began studying music production at Langara College in September 2009. At Langara, Thomas’ pieces evolved from basic ideas into fully realized pieces, drawing inspiration from stimulating instructors and rekindled passion. Thomas has been playing guitar with Vancouver band Search Parties for the last two years. Known for guerrilla performances and eclectic, ambient music, Search Parties has been recognized as a serious force and presence in Vancouver. Thomas has been producing and performing on Search Parties’ first LP for the last 5 months, a! nd will be his first sculpted body of work. Eager to make his life long love a living, Thomas created Vast Sound Enterprise as an entity to offer musical and sound production expertise and services. Thomas is excited to explore and experiment with all forms of music and sound, and lead imaginations to exciting places.

Date: August 1, 2010

Source: JTTP 2010