Evan Daubeny

Residence: Montréal, Canada

Evan Daubeny was introduced to electroacoustics in 2009 and began studying at Concordia University in 2011. Since then Ihe has focused on developing a compositional practice that embraces the electroacoustic art form while also catering to his own artistic sensibilities. The most valuable lesson that he has learned from his compositional practice is that in electroacoustic art the composer is responsible for whatever components he or she desires, in order to create a Gestalt that is an exact representation of what the composer wants to convey. What this means to Daubeny is that every step of the compositional process — from collecting sound sources, to processing iterations, to arranging the final product and finally to the method of playback — is all part of one large creative process to produce a unified final product that has a consistent message for an audience to experience.

Date: May 4, 2013

Source: JTTP 2013