Simone D’Ambrosio

Residence: Montréal, Canada

Following an inborn passion for rhythm, Simone D’Ambrosio has participated as a drummer on various projects in the Florentine musical scene, exploring several styles, from the 4/4 of pure rock to the first inclusion of electronic grooves to my rhythmic patterns. Constantly searching for a personal musical language, in 2008 he completed an experimental course of Music and New Technologies, organized for the first time by the “L. Cherubini” Conservatory of Florence. He has just completed a Master’s in electroacoustic composition at the Montréal University with Robert Normandeau. The main arguments of his musical approach can be resumed in the assiduous timbral research starting from typically environmental sounds and in the essential spatial dimension of the compositional process.

Date: May 4, 2013

Source: JTTP 2013