Gilles Fresnais

Residence: Québec, Canada

Member of the GRM from 1970 to 1974, Gilles Fresnais participated in the activities of the Group headed by François Bayle in the electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatoire national de musique in Paris. In 1971, as a composer Fresnais actively participated in producing the Autodafé opera soundtrack and performances by Maurice Ohana at Lyon Opera. He made a recording mission in Bali in 1971. He then worked on movie soundtracks entrusted to the Group in what was called the Music cell for images. Despite a few musical activities, he took up composing again in 2011 using new digital audio methods he learned in the digital audio mixing courses headed by Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum at Laval University (Québec). Currently, some of his works are broadcast on different radio stations and played in different countries (France, Canada, Ireland, Australia).

Date: May 4, 2021

Source: JTTP 2021

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