Jordie Shier

Residence: Calgary, Canada

Jordie is a student of Music & Computer Science at the University of Victoria. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta playing piano, drums & percussion. In his first year of University, while studying Chemical Engineering at Queens, he discovered the software program Ableton Live and began creating electronic dance music, fascinated with the possibilities of new sonic realms it opened up. Feeling the need to explore music more seriously he took three years off school to produce and perform live electronic music in Calgary in a group called Napoleon Skywalker which featured Jordie performing with Ableton and Carson Gant on acoustic drums. Wanting to further his musical skills and technical knowledge he commenced the combined Music & Computer Science program in Victoria in 2012. He is most interested in exploring techniques that open up new worlds of sound using acoustics and electronics. Over the last couple years at UVic Jordie has enjoyed long hours of experimentation with the in house Buchla synthesizer. He is also studying composition through which he has written pieces for experimental interfaces such as the EROSS Hyper Trumpet as well as more recently becoming interested in Spectral composition techniques, recently writing a piece in this style for an ensemble with quadraphonic tape.

Date: May 6, 2014

Source: JTTP 2014