Philippe Desjardins [G0hertz]

Residence: Montréal, Canada

At the beginning, there was only noise. All sound frequencies were being thrown violently in all directions… until the known universe created the first ears and realized rapidly that the phenomenon was strongly unpleasant and didn’t make any sense. Following a primal SHHH, silence appeared suddenly to give time for each stardust to find its own oscillating frequency. From that moment some particles began to resonate, pure like continuous waves, and others preferred to stay like noises. Since nothing is lost, nothing is created, sounds and noises began to mingle and transform into new combinations, harmonious and inharmonious, for better or for worse. Many billion years later, one of these stardust combinations lead to the human civilization, which cleverly blended the elements of earth, water, air and fire to create music. This universal communication device evolved from prehistoric percussions to industrialization symphonies, creating along the way infinite combinations of noises and sounds. Gohertz is an explorer of this soundtrack that accompanies the evolution of the human experience; from the natural elements that manifest through sinking sand, fine rain, windblast or slow combustion, and articial elements animated by a mecanism, an electrical current or the goodwill of a gesture.

Date: July 10, 2022

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