Dave Ross

Residence: Surlingham, UK

David Ross has recorded/performed with Evan Parker, Andy Cox, Mighty Baby, Bark Psychosis, Matt Deighton, and played drums in Kenny Process Team, described as “the only combo who have mastered the polyrhythms of Trout Mask Replica.” Ross’ drumming has led to free improvisation and working with adults with profound special needs. He has developed a multi-instrumental approach, and has released CDs through Social Services as well as Mystery Lights, with Shakuhachi Maestro Clive Bell. An electroacoustic approach was adopted for the group Twinkle3 (synthesist Richard Scott, Clive Bell and, recently, Sidsel Endresen). Ensemble improvisation with pure electronics was explored in Grutronic, resulting in CD releases with soloists Evan Parker and Orphy Robinson. Post-Grutronic he immersed himself in pure voltage-controlled electronics and studies of rudimentary acoustic instruments mouth bow and jaw harp in the duo The Happy Couple and producing solo electronic works such as Boilophone!, a work that is performed using a synthesizer built into a plastic kettle.

Date: February 29, 2016

Source: eContact! 17.4