Alyssa Aska

Residence: Calgary, Canada

Alyssa is a composer, researcher and educator who writes both acoustic and electroacoustic works with a focus on works that combine electronics or electronically inspired techniques with acoustic instruments. Her current research explores the æsthetics of musical works that make use of electronics and concerns itself with the way in which new compositional applications (such as electronics) can be integrated into works in a musically meaningful way. Her works have been performed and presented at several festivals worldwide including ICMC, MusCan, Impuls, EMS, NIME, the Oregon Bach Festival, ComposIt and others. Alyssa received her PhD from the University of Calgary in 2017 under the supervision of David Eagle and now studies computer music and composition for music theatre under the direction of Marko Ciciliani and Klaus Lang.

Date: February 22, 2018

Source: eContact! 19.3

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