Stephen Sereda

Residence: Edmonton, Canada

My name is Stephen Sereda and I am a relative newcomer to Sound Art and specifically Electroacoustic.I have been composing and performing with Motonogo as well as solo. I have done over 20 performances in the last 3 years since I began experimenting with soundscapes. I just did a gig at Bohemia playing guitar on a piece by Hari Maia a metal soundscape artist from Brazil. I’ve done quite a few others on my own around town over the past year and will be playing Cha Island next month. As well, I’ve played with Motonogo at The Works, the Fringe, Sasquatch Gathering and Kaleido festivals, I usually use a laptop with some processors as well as keyboard and guitar. I would need two quarter-inch outputs to the sound system. I am also on some compilations released in the UK and in Norway and am working on a full-length release for digitalDIZZY Records in Bath UK).

Date: May 6, 2016

Source: JTTP 2016