Gustavo Chab [guschab]

Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gustavo David Chab is an Argentinian composer from Buenos Aires. He composed his first electroacoustic piece Mirada Roja in 1993, specializing in electroacoustic composition techniques. His compositions include works for instrumental, mixed media, acousmatic and performance. He frequently explores the spatialization of sound in composition, mixing electroacoustic sounds, vocal sounds and acoustical instruments. He has received — among many awards — a special mention of the Municipality of Buenos Aires, first prize of the FNA — Juan Carlos Paz and an honourable residence in the XXI International Electroacoustic Music Competition at Bourges. Chab has attended Buenos Aires-Berlin, Stockhausen Courses 2011/2013, IMD in 2012, GlassHomages 2014–17, Electronic Frequencies 2016, International Festival of sound Arts Exhibitronic 2017, Electroacoustic Music Exhibition: UNAM-Mexico 2018, NYCEMF 2016–18 and was an Artist-in-residence at EMS in November 2018.

Date: May 1, 2018

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