Nolan Hildebrand

Residence: Winnipeg, Canada

Nolan Hildebrand is a composer / improviser / drummer from Winnipeg (Manitoba). His interest in music began very early when he started playing drums to his favourite metal albums. Coming from a background in drum kit gives Nolan’s music a unique musical perspective that is rooted in rhythm, timbre and noise. Nolan’s music explores the relationships between noise and silence, improvisation and score, the margins and the masses. Nolan is drawn to the frenetic energy, fragmented disjunction, and has a DIY lo-fi approach to noises and sounds that he integrates into his compositional structuring and musical æsthetic. His work spans electroacoustic practices, classical ensembles, psychedelic rock bands and a solo mixed-media project dubbed Black Galaxie.

Date: May 22, 2020

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