Daniel Williams

Residence: Guildford, UK

Musician and sound artist Daniel Williams’ work been featured on Resonance Extra shows “Unexplained Sounds” and “Phantom Circuit”, the internationally broadcast “Framework Radio” and Berlin-based “Cashmere Radio”. He is a regular contributor to the worldwide soundmapping project “Cities and Memory” and was shortlisted for the BBC project “Sounds of our Shores”. One-off collaborations include the Solstice Dawn and Acoustic Cameras projects in which his work features alongside many notable names from the worlds of field recording and broadcast audio. He has also participated in the Disquiet Junto series of compositional challenges and has a number of self-released albums. Working primarily with concrete sounds and field recordings, Williams’ work fuses minimalist musical textures with electroacoustic audio manipulations and computer-generated sound. He is a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music (Guildford) and has been active in music performance and production since 1999.

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