Rob Gill

Residence: Toronto, Canada

Rob Gill has been active as an artist for nearly two and a half decades. His practice embodies many disciplines and fields — audio art, computer programming, mathematics, visual art, computer animation, installation, performance — all employed in the service of a single objective: to use art as the means to study consciousness. Since receiving his BFA from Queen’s University in 1996 with a specialization in painting, Rob has pursued his work as independently as possible from any form of institutional framework as an experiment in independent thought and creative activity. Rob has been exhibiting his work as interactive installations, using audience participation to form non-linear remixes of audio composition and sound work with accompanying computer animations, and to visualize and sonify the data generated by the collective response. Activism plays a crucial role in his work, which seeks to uncover the otherwise hidden prejudices, blind spots and colonialist impulses deeply embedded in our social fabric.

Date: May 27, 2020

Source: JTTP 2020

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