Submit Works

Proposing your works for inclusion in Sonus only takes a few minutes once your user account and profile are set up.

Submission Process

Log in to your user profile, or register a new profile if you haven’t already done so, and upload the audio file of a work along with your biography, programme notes and work information in one streamlined process.

Once your piece has been accepted, it can be listened to at a minimum rate of 320 kbit/s in FLAC, AAC, Ogg, MP3 (depending on the user’s browser). The player will show you the format being played.


Multi-channel works are accepted but cannot be read natively by Sonus at present — you decide during the submission process if your multi-channel files can be downloaded by other users. A stereo version must be included for every multi-channel submission. See the Multi-Channel Submission page for the complete submission protocol.


Sonus only accepts complete, non-compressed audio works (in mono, stereo or multi-channel formats), no excerpts. Exceptionally, videomusic works or other video formats are eligible for submission to JTTP — Jeu de temps / Times Play (annual deadline: 31 May).

Section “Discover an artist”

To appear in this section (randomly) on the main page, you need to have submitted a photo and a minimum of three works…

[Last updated May 2023]